Up to 40 pages – £50
40 – 60 pages – £70
60+ pages – £90

I am a director and dramaturg with an MA in directing from Bristol Old Vic Theatre School with extensive experience of working with artists and writers on a range of projects including new writing and devised pieces.

I work with artists to support them to tell the stories they want to tell, not the story I think they should be telling. I understand how passionately artists feel about their work and my feedback is kind, considered and clear whilst providing questions and provocations to get you to your next draft.

What I will ask you for:

An upload of your most recent draft
Anything you would like me to pay particular attention to

What you will receive from me:

A 1-2 page feedback document with clear notes and questions to take into your next draft.

To allow me to read and process your work please allow a 7 day turnaround for feedback.